HPV vaccination and cervical cancer

HPV vaccination and cervical cancer

Protect your health with our HPV test and HPV vaccination

Cervical cancer affects the neck of the womb and the cervix. It is the second most common cancer in women under 35. It can be extremely serious and every year 1000 women die from the condition in the UK and 2,800 new cases are registered.

Cervical cancer is caused by the human form of the Human Papilloma Virus, known as HPV.

HPV is very common and almost everyone will contract it at some point in their lives. The virus can be passed on through sexual contact not just sexual intercourse.

We believe it is crucial that woman are offered the chance to be tested and vaccinated against this virus which can lead to cervical cancer.. The NHS are currently rolling out a vaccination program for some school-aged children.

We offer an HPV vaccine which offers protection against 4 types of human papilloma virus (HPV): 2 types that cause 70% of cervical cancer cases, and 2 more types that cause 90% of genital warts cases.

Girls and young women aged between 9 and 26 are the group most likely to benefit from the cervical cancer vaccination because the majority of women who have HPV are exposed to it in their teens and 20s. Women in their 30’s can also be tested and vaccinated. This can be offered in our clinics in Hampshire or Sussex.

This valuable protection is given as a course of 3 injections. For more information please contact us.

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