Strep B in Pregnancy test

Strep B in Pregnancy test

What is Streptococcus B?

Strep B for short, is a bacterium that is commonly 'carried' by humans with little associated health problems.

Around one in four women are thought to carry Strep B. If this is a concern for you we can offer Step B testing before conception or during pregnancy to help put your mind at ease. You can be tested for Strep B and women who test positive are likely to be advised to be induced once theirs waters have broken so that the risk of passing the infection on to their babies is minimised.

Many babies come into contact with Strep B during birth and the overwhelming majority of these suffer no harmful effects.

However, on rare occasions some babies will become infected through this contact with Strep B. This can cause life-threatening complications for the baby in the event that it is contracted within the first seven days of birth. Around 1 in 10 of these babies who contract the infection within this early-onset seven day period die as a result and a further 1 in 5 are seriously affected in the long term.

There are antibiotic treatments available to women considered to be 'at risk' and this assessment is based on a range of factors. If you would like further information please contact us.

Call us on 01243 766447 and protect your health today.

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