What did you pick up this summer?

on Tuesday, 11 September 2012. Posted in Blog

Don't let summer fun spoil your winter with worry

What did you pick up this summer?

If you had a summer fling this year - relaxed a bit too much and forgot about protecting your sexual health, then it is wise to get checked out.

Lots of people let their guard down on holiday in the summer months and forget to take precautions. Boris Johnson's speech at the closing ceremony of the Paralympics yesterday suggested that this summer athletes not only inspired a generation but perhaps made one too!


If you've slipped up and not used protection this summer our STI tests are quick and painless and together with the support of our private, specialist GP's we can put your mind at ease quickly as well as catching and dealing with any infections early and in stictest confidence.

Protecting your sexual health for the long term!

If you have had the misfortune of picking up a sexual infection this summer don't stick your head in the sand. Far better to catch it early and get professional treatment rather than just ignoring any symptoms that you have. All our professional GP's are non-judge-mental friendly and relaxed so that yo can tell us about your concerns without fear or embarrassment.

It's really important to remember that not all sexual infections have symptoms so even if you feel fine if you've let your guard down this summer come in and get tested. Infections like chlamydia can have no symptoms but can make you infertile if left untreated.

It's far better to be safe than sorry.

We offer full sexual heath screening and MOT’s for anyone concerned about their health or you can book a private GP appointment with us to discuss any health concerns. We have rapid access, appointments at a time to suit you.

Protect your health today call us on 01243 388 712

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