Just what did you get for Christmas?

on Friday, 24 February 2012. Posted in Blog

Just what did you get for Christmas?

Just what did you get for Christmas?


If spur of the moment sexual shenanigans were a side effect of festive cheer and a few drinks too many and a kiss under the mistletoe led to something more - you may be worried about your sexual health.

Christmas can be a time when you have an excuse to let that YLC (year-long-crush) know exactly how you feel. Waking up with someone new can be the beginning of something exciting or the start of something a little less healthy.

Your eyes may have met across the room and you may feel that you have had a meeting of minds but how much did you really know about each other?

Alcohol is a major factor in getting into a sticky situation at Christmas and with sexually transmitted infections (STI's) on the rise, we asked Dr Chinwala, a local NHS GP and Managing Partner of www.southdownsprivatehealthcare.co.uk and www.sti-test-hampshire.co.uk for some advice on staying healthy post passion.

Advice from Dr Chinwala:


  • If you have had had unprotected sex it is better to get checked out sooner rather than later.
  • Try to know your limits with alcohol and make sure you have something to eat before you head out for an evening.
  • Ask a friend to buddy up with you and take responsibility for getting each other home safely
  • Carry condoms which, when used correctly, can protect you from embarrassing and some times life-threatening illness, uncomfortable symptoms, unplanned pregnancy and long waits in family planning units.


If you are worried about your sexual health at all please check out all the info on this site and get tested as soon as you can.

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