Tampap and HPV testing in Hampshire and Sussex

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We offer professional HPV testing from friendly GP's

Tampap and HPV testing in Hampshire and Sussex


The importance of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and its link to cervcal cancer is now much more widely understood. Since 2009 school age girls in Britain have been offered the HPV Jab from the age of 12. This is great news as the next generation will be protected from HPV and be far more protected from cervical cancer

Unfortunately due to budgetary constraints, the NHS cannot offer to vaccinate those women who sadly just missed out on the school program.

As a result more and more women are taking control themselves and seeking private HPV testing and vaccination.

Southdowns Private Healthcare has been offering this service since 2008.....




You may have seen the TV advert for Tampap , a mail order swab for HPV which appears to be offering this service, though as a Doctor I am concerned that the swab may not detect infection reliably, mainly because , we specifically swab the cervix, whereas the Tampap does not. the last thing women seeking reassurance need is false reassurance.

I would always advise women to seek a doctor's opinion and be swabbed by a qualified health professional.

If you are considering HPV testing or vaccination give us a call on 01243 388 712.

For complete peace of mind choose Southdowns Private Healthcare.

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